When she was five years old, she discovered a love for DIY projects and helping people. From cooking, making natural self care products, to creating music, she sought to create a product with true ingredient's. She fell in love with candle making and wanted people to experience the natural, memorable, and new aromas that takes them to their most familiar and new places.


Juan is a professional musician. He grew up his whole life being involved in music and sports. But the love of music triumphed. He loves being with his wife and believes in helping others in any way possible. He loves creating all kinds of  music, so candles just added to that passion he already has for creating things that people can enjoy.

Where we are at now

We moved the company to our new LA home. We do pop ups all over LA, OC as well as the Monrovia farmers market on Friday night's. We are working on partnering up with organization's to make a difference. If interested in partnering with us, please fill out a contact form and we'll get back to you asap!​